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Sunday, April 14

Best Buy Reports 'Geek Squad' Beatings Down 7.3% Early in 2013

New York, NY- Best Buy has announced that its average shareholder dividends has fallen for the 8th straight quarter. The news came as no shock to investors as Best Buy struggles to regain its foothold in the electronics retail market. Discount retail electronics outlets, as well as the rise of online wholesalers, has contributed to much of the downfall of the once untouchable corporate giant.

While Best Buy’s earning report was dismal, there was some positive news for the company. Its highly panned and generally despised computer repair department, known as Geek Squad, has reported that it has seen a dramatic 7.3% drop off in violence towards its under educated, under qualified staff. The news came as a shock to many as most assumed the group hasn't really made any improvements or offered any additional training to its employees.

CEO Mark Harrison says that the news is both surprising and encouraging. He says he’s been aware of the issue for awhile but couldn't see a cost effective solution for the problem. He hopes this trend will continue throughout the rest of 2013 and beyond.

“We knew that here would be some backlash when we decided to hire a bunch of guys as IT experts that don't know much, if anything about computers,” said Harrison. “Because the pay is so low, most of them aren't all that bright or knowledgeable. Naming them ‘Geek Squad’ was just the icing on the cake. We should've known better. I’m glad things are starting to turn around for them.” 

A recent Geek Squad customer talks about his experience with the department. Mike Nichols is a Banking Executive from Rhode Island who recently took his HP laptop in for service. He doesn’t believe that the violence is coming to an end anytime soon. He says, while no one is condoning the beatings, most can understand where the anger is coming from. 

“I’m not a computer expert, but when you take your laptop in for a simple repair and they get it back to you 10 weeks later without a hard drive you get pissed off,” said Nichols. “I was just having a problem loading the drivers for a printer that I'd bought from them and they decided to send it to India. Those horribly unfunny pocket protectors don’t do anything to lighten the mood. It’s like showing red to a bull. You just want to attack. I’m a pretty mild mannered guy and I wanted to grab the guy by that stupid tie and drag him over the counter.”

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