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Monday, April 29

Men’s Health Magazine puts out Annual Rankings for Biggest Size by Race

Men’s Health Magazine has released its annual rankings for biggest penis size by race. For the 20th year in a row, African Americans are on top with an average length of 10 inches.

This year’s biggest change in position came from the Asian race. They moved up 2 spots to number 3 on the list and reported increases in length by almost an inch over last year’s average. 

The big jump in rankings is believed to result from a correction in how the Asian race measures. The universal standard for measuring length is to start on the top of the member and run the measuring tape from the pelvic area to the tip. The Asian community has been measuring from the bottom starting from where the testes meets the shaft and then measuring out to the tip. This error has cost the Asian race greatly in previous year’s rankings.

The Native Americans round out the bottom spot for the 10th year in a row with an average length of 5.1 inches. It should be noted, however, that the magazine has never actually been able to find a full blooded Native American, and ended up using data from a guy who claimed to be 1/20th Cherokee on his mother’s side.

Here are the results of Men’s Health largest averages from largest to smallest averages:

Race- Average length: 

1. African America- 10.3"
2. Caucasian- 6.1" 
3. Asian-5.8" 
4. Pacific Islander-5.7"
5. Hispanic-5.6" 
6. Native American-5.3"
7. Guys From Utah-3.3"


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  7. This article is bullshit stereotype like everything is.....sadly. You couldn't find a person with more than 1/20th Native American???? Then don't put it at all because I'm 1/4th Native American and I got a bigger dick than that VERY unrealistic stereotype chart. Asian should be at the bottom still because a race can't hope up the chart for no reason, unless they are mixed

  8. Ive been with several native american men (50%) or more and they have all been very well endowed

  9. The Black Penis: The Most lied about appendage in human history.

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  11. This article seems to be B.S. I am an African American man. I do not hardly if ever see penises in real life, but I can tell you that there are Black women who will not sleep with someone with 10 inches. Other sources put Black American men and African men between 6 inches and 7, with the largest average reported to be 7.1. To this source: Please be factual in your reporting. You are propagating exaggeration of stereotypes and making some people unnecessarily uncomfortable. It is obvious you did not properly survey a valid cross section. You must have measured a bunch of porn kings or made these numbers up or something to get the Black stats. This is so bogus and you are not helping Black men with this junk report. Just causing those who already fear and are intimidated by us to do so the more- like we are not already persecuted, feared, and hated enough by many in society!

  12. Natives got big dicks dont know what ur talkin bout Willis. Indian Asians are huge and Mexican's are not usually but i will say they are still sexy and some of the best fucks they know how to twerk. Only seen one black dick and a couple white ones all huge. Maybe I been lucky. Take heart guys we care more about how you treat us than how big it is.

  13. This website is fucking retarded and so are all of you. Everyone who knows anything knows Native American men are more hung than white men by far and the average native is more hung than most black men. I for one am only 25% native and am 7 inches erect without even bone pressing lol and all my mixed native friends are known for having huge dicks. I've had a couple black girls specifically tell me black guys are not as big now obviously that doesn't go for all because I'm sure some are even bigger but not the ones they had seen, also you doors did not get a measurement of Native man because there's almost nobody who's even an undiluted 1/8 Native American anymore and I guarantee you you weren't going to the red asking people to whip their dicks out because youd get fucked up

    1. You are correct. This website and all of us are retarded.

  14. Edit; referring to the people propagating and perpetuating this bullshit, not literally everyone, and upon second examination this article is actually kind of hilarious in a sardonic way

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