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Thursday, June 1

Trump Pardons Charles Manson Because he 'Seems Like a Nice Guy'

Washington, DC: President Trump announced today that he is issuing a presidential pardon for the infamous head of the Mason Family and mastermind of the "Helter Skelter" murders. Charles Manson has been in prison since being convicted of 27 counts of murder in 1971 and is currently serving 27 life sentences. Manson, 78, was sentenced to be executed but that was later changed to life imprisonment when the state outlawed the death penalty in 1975. Trump says he became a fan of Manson's after watching his biography on the History Channel.

“I like his attitude. He did horrible things but you have to admire his work ethic. He seems like a pretty nice guy," said Trump of Manson's release. "I think if you sat down and talked to him for a bit you'd agree."

Trump said that Manson may have been a viscous criminal mastermind but that isn't what defines him.

"People often forget that Manson was a musician long before he was convicted of murder. I downloaded some of his tunes to my iPod and they're pretty catchy," said Trump. "Look, the bottom line is that I only get a certain amount of these pardon thingies and I intend to use them to have a little fun. I’m sure he’s sorry so let’s move on and stop living in the past.”


  1. I don't want Charles Manson to be released!! This is lunacy. Where is the mainstream media on this one?!?!

  2. This story has got to be fake. There is no way a sane, rational person would pardon this man. IF it is true, then obama is as crazy as manson and needs to be removed from office for mental deficiencies.

  3. oh bomb us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. He can't pardon him. It wasn't a federal crime.

  5. I'm sure if dumb Donald Trump was able to pardon Manson, he already would have. In Trump's eyes all Manson did was kill people to start a race war, no big deal!

  6. This is a totally FAKE news site. Do some research people.