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Sunday, March 31

Report Shows Obama Received $1 Million in Contributions from the KKK

Washington DC: President Obama is under fire today after an investigation revealed that he received over a million dollars in campaign donations from the KKK. The Clarke Report was issued by a bi-partisan committee who were researching for a bill regarding campaign financing. Ironically, the President had asked that the commission to be formed due to what he called "gross over spending" in the last election.
The President said he had known about the donation from the beginning. He argues that he was elected to defend free speech for all Americans, even members lobbying members of the Ku Klux Klan.
"I was approached by a lobbyist group and they asked me if I'd support their cause if I were elected. It happens all the time," Obama said of the report. "I know they're an organization that has had some issues in the past but they've assured me that they've changed their philosophy. I feel it was more a PR problem than anything. They seem alright now."
Although there is nothing illegal about the donation, many are saying that it does raise questions about the President’s decision making abilities and whether his views align with the American people. The President says that his track record speaks for itself.
 "The bottom line is, while I may be African America, I'm still a politician. I'm not running a charity. Money is money. This is still America right? Just because we don't believe the same philosophies doesn't mean I don't support their organization. They're Americans just like we are. I don't see black, white albino or any other crazy color you happen to be. I only see green."

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