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Monday, May 20

Adult Entertainment Industry Still Being Hurt by Down Economy

New York, NY: The latest Dow Jones numbers have shown many sectors have seen positive growth over the past 12 months. In light of this news, investors have slowly started to diversify their portfolios. This has only helped to stimulate the growth and led many to speculate that the worst may be behind us.

That is what makes the news from the Adult Services Industry so troubling. Despite the efforts of many of the industry’s top CEO’s, businesses continue to struggle. This has led some to believe that there may be more bad news on the horizon for the struggling industry.  Many are asking why there is such stagnant growth when there appears to be consumer excitement about their products.

Industry insider, Hillary Jade, 24, says that she has been finding it hard to maintain profitable business model when the economy has made people hesitant to spend their money. She’s been working the second stage at the Pink Buffalo since 2009 and says it’s been tough for everyone in the industry.

“Men don't have any money to pay for sex. It's more economical just to pick up an ugly girl at the neighborhood bar.  Then all you have to pay for is are a few shots of Peppermint Schnapps. People are willing to sacrifice quality to save a couple of bucks. It’s just sad really.

“I used to have a black book with dozens of judges, lawyers, high profile actors. Now I’m lucky if I can get the local butcher to spend a few bucks on a lap dance. The rules of supply and demand just aren’t in our favor right now. I have confidence we can turn this around. I’m just not sure how yet.”

Candy Spears, 22, says she doesn’t see things turning around anytime soon for the industry. She's tried reducing prices and various marketing schemes. Nothing seems to have any effect, as men simply don't appear to be as willing to spend the money on extra marital activities.

“I've tried shorter skirts, more lipstick. I've been hitting the gym and tanning. I've even switched street corners. Nothing seems to be working. I might have to rethink my marketing plan entirely. I had a meeting with my pimp, Crescent Wrench, to discuss possible cutbacks or a new business strategy. We haven’t announced anything yet but it looks bleak.”

As of Thursday stock prices had fallen another 2.5%.

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