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Sunday, May 26

Argument Over the Price of a Steely Dan Album Turns Into Bloody Fist Fight

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Cedar Rapids, IA: A gruesome Fistfight erupted at neighborhood garage sale over price of Steely Dan record. It was a grizzly scene as the men viciously pummeled each other for 30 minutes until police arrived to restore order.

Melvin Morris, 52, was taken in for questioning after the incident but later released when both men agreed not to press charges. He says the disagreement would have been difficult to avoid. Morris wasn’t going to take no for an answer but feels the seller could have been a little more flexible.

"Steely Dan is the best band of our generation but I'm not going to be taken advantage of. $5 is absolute robbery. Do I think I overreacted? No. The guy needed to be taught a lesson about supply and demand so I kicked his ass."

Michael Bentley says he had already set the prices and wasn't in the mood to negotiate. He’s says he felt insulted by Morris’ offer.

"He just put $4.50 down and walked away like it was his. That's one of the prize pieces in my collection. I'm not just going to let him take it. I punched in the mouth and kicked him in the stomach."

Morris says that's before he even knew what happened he was locked in a viscous struggle.

"I was shocked when he punched me in the face. That's when I picked up a red brick and smashed him in the head. I just wanted to scare him. There was blood and hair all over the place so I figured it did the job. I thought it was over until he threw the grandfather clock at my face and knocked my front teeth out."

Bentley says that, although he had several bones poking through his skin, he wasn't going to back down.

"After I knocked his teeth out, I picked the record up and put it back in the stack. I started to haggle with this lady about a coffee maker when I felt the bat on my rib cage. That's when I knew it was on. Steely Dan is worth more than $4.50. It was a steal at $5."

The bloody brawl ended when police arrived a few minutes later. Both men are being treated with severe facial trauma including, fractured skulls, broken orbital bones, broken noses, broken jaws, protruding ribs and facial lacerations.

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