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Friday, March 22

Lawyer Quits Practice to Run an Adult Club with an all Male Revue, Wife and Kids not Happy

Pittsburgh, PA: When Mitch Rossolli sat down with his family to discuss plans for the future they figured he just wanted to talk about where his daughters were planning on attending college or possibly buying a new car. Instead he let them know that he had used the family’s savings to purchase a strip club. Even more shocking, he was going to hire an all male review.

Before they could even voice their objections, Rossolli put in his notice at his law firm. He began spending endless hours at his new club, getting ready for the grand opening. He began holding auditions in the families living room and milling over pictures of naked men in the kitchen. He became so passionate about his new venture, Socks and Jocks, that it hardly seemed like he had time for anything else.

"I know it seems a bit weird but I have faith in my business plan. I'm not gay but wiener sells," he said about the club. "This has been my dream since before I can remember. I worked for 25 years in that horrible law firm. I scrimped and saved and put my blood sweat and tears into that place. I earned this."

His wife says that her concern quickly turned to anger the more she had to hear about her husband’s new project. She says there's a simple explanation for his behavior.

"He's gay. He's got to be," said his wife. "I can't believe I didn't see it before. I caught him wearing my underwear a few times but that just seemed like kinky fun.

"He just spent everything we had and took out a second mortgage on the house so he could stare at tanned penises all day. How am I going to explain that to the girls in my bridge club?"

For information or to make reservations call Socks and Jocks at 654-498-1223.

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