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Thursday, April 4

Mattel Announces Upcoming Release of Trailer Park Barbie and Beer Gut Ken

Mattel has announced today that they will be releasing the Trailer Park Barbie Collection later this year.  

The new line will resemble the regular Barbie, but will sport a much heavier frame and come with a double chin, kankles and a large midsection.  The accessories will include clothing that is 3 sizes too small, a Walmart shopping bag, unwashed children from different fathers,  a half eaten cheeseburger and an insulin syringe.

When asked why Mattel decided to add Trailer Park Barbie to their product line, Mattel's president Mark Young commented, “We have been getting so many complaints about Barbie harming children’s body images and not representing the true culture of America.  We wanted to provide an alternative Barbie to show that people come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and believe this new model symbolizes that fact.”

Mattel also announced that a Beer Gut Ken Doll is in the works and should come out around the same time as Trailer Trash Barbie.  The new Ken Doll will come with a stained white tank top, a 6 pack of malted beer and tattered jorts.

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