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Thursday, April 4

White Castle Changes Name to 'Everyone's Castle' to be More Politically Correct

Due to multiple complaints by the NAACP , White Castle has decided to change their name to Everyone’s Castle. 

A White Castle representative was quoted earlier today saying “White Castle is a culturally diverse company and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age or gender.  We want all our patrons to feel comfortable when they come through our doors and this name change will hopefully accomplish that.”

Most employees are happy that the name change finally happened. Employee Antoine Smith or Lil McPickle as he is known on the street has worked for White Castle for over 3years.  When asked his opinion, Smith replied “It is about time they changed the name.  It was so offensive to people of color like myself.  I think Honkey Castle would have been better, but Everyone’s Castle is good too.” The name changes are set to take place in all White Castles by the end of the year.

However, White Castle has decided to keep its patented logo of a man with a Nazi tattoo biting into a White Castle burger.

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