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Friday, August 9

Mel Gibson Talks New Role in 'Expendables 3', Says He's Not Racist Anymore

Hollywood, CA: Mel Gibson spoke to the press for the first time since the announcement of his role in the new Sylvester Stallone film "Expendables 3." This will be the third film in the "Expendables" franchise and is expected to open later this year.  Many were surprised by Stallone's selection of Gibson for what is said to be a sizable role in the film. Gibson was open about his recent troubles and says that he's worked hard over the past few years to become a better person.

"It has sucked ass for me.  I just want to assure the public that I am no longer racist.  I didn't realize that singling out groups based on nothing but superficial stereotypes would be such a career killer. If I would have known that I'd have never been racist in the first place. For that fact I'm not going to be racist anymore."

Gibson went on to say that moviegoers should keep an open mind and that his personal life should be separate from his body of work. 

"Do you remember 'Brave Heart?'  I was racist when I made that and it didn't stop you from liking it. I think I even won an Oscar for that one.  I'm asking that you go see my movie because I no longer hate black people and I've learned to communicate my feelings in a more meaningful and productive way. I went to rehab and they cured me. If I keep up with my 12 Steps I will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

"I still dislike Jews, homosexuals, dark skinned whites, Asians, Mexicans and woman. I've hated those groups for years and never had any trouble selling tickets to movies so I'm not ready to give that up just yet."


  1. You are a complete ignorant idiot.
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    Mel Gibson was never heard nor recorded saying anything antisemitic, and if being agaisnt one person or mad at one person means being mad at everybody then you have a credibility and honesty problem and are an hypocrite and fill of prejudices, whihc i believe is what you accuse Mel Gibson to be.
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  2. Fuck racist ass Mel and fuck his movies!