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Wednesday, July 16

Anti-Obama KKK Member Tired of "Racist" Label

James Kisten, a 47-year-old Texas native and proud member of the Kux Klux Klan has recently decided to go public with his outcry against unfair racist labeling.

"So the other day I got a reply to the 7th "look Obama is a monkey" chain email I sent that day and my liberal sister replied, calling me a racist.  But why am I a racist?  Because I love America?  Because I believe in the Constitution? Really, I just think she's bitter because I would never let her date a black guy.

"I would in fact say that the N****rs I work with are the racists because they don't laugh when I throw the N word around.  For one, I don't exactly say it everyday and if these guys ever listened to rap they'd know that N****r rappers sorta use this word too, so why can't I?  So really, all this "racist" accusation is nonsense.  I'm just a good American boy whose objectively tired Obama's policies, and I wish N****rs didn't think I was racist just because I don't like Obama.

When asked if he felt that the confederate flag shirt, hat and tattoos might also give the impression that he was a racist he replied,  "The Southern States aren't racist at all and the Civil War was really about States' Rights not slavery.  People lose focus on that.  The South simply wanted more sovereignty for the States and less federal involvement.  And take this situation with illegals coming here from South America and other parts of Mexico. They think they can come here just because their ancestors crossed the Asian-American border 13,000 years before Europeans arrived here and enlightened them.

"But in fact, Southern states like Texas worked hard to get the federal government to act on behalf of the States and earning the Southwestern states by taking it from the B*****s and increasing the number of slave-owning states.  In fact, I'd say Mexicans still owe us reparations for the cost of that war."