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Wednesday, September 3

George Zimmerman to give Speech in Ferguson, MO.

Recent events in Ferguson, MO have inspired many people from around the US to travel to the "Show Me State."  One of the most recent and surprising  announcements is that George Zimmerman would also be traveling to Ferguson to give a speech and help improve the situation.

Despite numerous attempts, the OHD staff was unable to get a hold of Zimmerman for an interview, but did confirm that he would be traveling to Missouri.  The staff was able to get a hold of one of Zimmerman's representatives for a Skype interview.

"Since so many out-of-staters are traveling to Ferguson, MO to incite more violence, it only makes sense that [Zimmerman] takes the time to go there and help keep the peace," said the Zimmerman spokesperson, who asked to remain anonymous. "This will also give local law enforcement a chance to see George's new DVD set, "Ensuring Compliance" and perhaps even attend his seminars.  And even if no one buys the videos, that's fine.  But this is the "Show Me State" and we want to see the show."

No further explanation was offered in regards to the exact time and place of Zimmerman's speech.  However, the representative did expand on the upcoming DVD set, and explained that Zimmerman would also be conducting training seminars for law enforcement in Ferguson, as well as other local police departments in Missouri.

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