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Wednesday, April 22

Sarah Palin: "I'm running against Obama in 2016"

Following up on a series of public comments, Sarah Palin has recently announced plans to run in 2016.  When pressed further, she announced:

I am running for the good of the country.  I am running against Obama.  This man must be prevented from winning yet another election and taking more of our guns and religious freedoms.  From the writing of Constitution in 1776 until his election in 2007, this had been a Christian nation.  I want my country back!

When asked if she understood that Obama was not eligible to run, as term limits do not allow a 3rd run for President, she replied:

Ya know, don't believe everything ya hear in the lamestream media. And Obama has already broken the Constitution on many occasions.   When he ran on Hope and Change, no one hoped he'd change the Constitution.  Next thing you know, he'll probably change the Bible.

When asked who her running mate would be, Palin began naming several names no one in the press room seemed familiar with.   It was later pointed out that she was naming characters from Clinton Eastwood movies and the old TV series, Bonanza.

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