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Monday, June 15

Caitlyn Jenner inspires new class of Brony: Pegamisters

Pegamisters are the New Bronies

Caitlyn Jenner's brave public crossover has paved the way for meeker souls, also looking to express their cross-gender feelings.  This courageous and unprecedented deed of acting on a compulsion one has had for decades has raised the bar and forever redefined the meaning of the very word "Courage" (there is talk of rewriting "Call it Courage" so that Mafatu transcends gender lines).  This act has not gone unnoticed by another misunderstood  group of unsung heroes: The Bronies.

Bronies, for those who are too busy being stuck inside a bigotry-reinforced bubble of 80's button-downed conservatism to know, are non-traditional fans of My Little Pony.
Since MLP is aimed at little girls (or boys, if they wish to think of themselves as such, who am I to judge?), this means that even teenage and adult females are technically 'Bronies.' Bronies have in many ways been pivotal in crossing gender lines.

Some female Bronies have actually taken on the title of Pegasisters, to denote their difference from the more visible and controversial males Bronies, who often paint their hair and nails in bright MLP colors.  It should be noted however, that not all male Bronies accept this diversion, and prefer to keep the mares in their place, by insisting they keep the BROny label.

Enter Pegamisters

Between Caitlyn's heroic gensture and the Equestrial in-fighting between Pegasisters and traditional bronies, a new class of misunderstood individual has arrived: The Pegamister.  Pegamisters have been defined as non-traditional My Little Pony fans who feel they've been born with the wrong set of reproductive organs and hormonal production.  Whether actual sexual reassignment therapy is required has yet to be worked out,  We reached out to several MLP fan sites and recieved no responses, except from Brony.com who said it didn't behoof them to comment on this.

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