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Tuesday, June 16

Obama Actually White - Republican Approval Skyrockets

Obama comes out as white

Hot on the heels of Rachel Dolezal's "white scandal," Barack Obama has openly stated that he too, is white.  Reactions among various demographics remain mixed, except one: Republicans.  Since coming out as white, Republican approval ratings of the President have surged from 14% to 48%, a rate that's unheard of across partisan lines like this.

OHD sent two reporters to a nearby "Pro Obama Republican" rally.  One Republican stated:

You know there was something I like about him.  He seemed like an organized, responsible person who  played golf and didn't dress like a rap musician.  I wanted to like him but wasn't quite comfortable with him.  Now I know he's that President I'd want to have a beer with.

Another staunch Republican, stated:

I was wrong about him.  He's not a Muslim, he's an American.

Even John Boehner commented: "You know, I almost feel slimy about how we filibustered Barry's American Jobs Act then blamed him for the slow recovery."  

Many left wing Democrats, actually picketed the event, saying they suddenly felt disdain for the ongoing drone attacks, and suddenly became bothered by his countless rounds of golf. "I liked him better when he played basketball" said one activist.

Not to be left out, Bill Clinton chimed in "POW bitches! I'm still the blackest President you've had!"

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