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Friday, July 10

Deemed Gay Propoganda, Eight Year Old is Refused Service at Restaurant for Drawing a Rainbow

A restaurant named “The Sunshine Grill” has caused quite a stir in Abilene, Texas when it refused to serve an 8 year old girl for drawing a rainbow

Missy Smith’s parents said they were at their table waiting for their food to come when their 8 year old daughter picked up some crayons from the kids menu and drew a rainbow on her paper place mat. 

That is when things took a turn for the unexpected.  Missy’s parents said that the restaurant’s owner, Lloyd Jackson, approached the family and told them he would not serve his daughter and asked them to leave. 

“At that point we were totally baffled and asked why he would not serve us.  We were shocked at the reasoning given by Mr. Jackson.”  He said that h we would have to leave.

“I tried to explain that my daughter was not a lesbian and just loved to draw rainbows.”  Mr. Jackson replied that he did not believe me and said my daughter’s short hair looked suspicious.  He then proceeded to say that even if she was not gay, he would not tolerate gay propaganda in his restaurant.”

At that point, the Smith family had enough and got up to leave, but on their way out, Mr. Jackson yelled to Missy that he hoped she liked hell.

“That put Missy in tears.  She had no clue what was gong on and why this man was yelling at her.  She has not bee the same since the incident and literally cries when she sees a rainbow.  It is quite tragic.”

When interviewed, Mr. Jackson said that he does not feel the least bit bad about what he did.  “I am a god loving Christian and being gay is a sin.  I have every right to decline service to anyone I choose and should not be persecuted over it. Everyone is being so sensitive.   When my 8 month pregnant wife was denied alcohol at one of the bars we frequent, I did not notify the media and try to get their business closed for discriminating against a condition that she was born with (alcoholism).  We just went to another bar down the street and got wasted. “

Mr. Jackson was then asked what would happened if any more openly gay people tried to frequent his restaurant.  He replied “I will do the same thing, ask them to leave.  I have a plan to cut them off before entering though.  Starting Monday I will be posting a sign that reads ‘If you are Queer, you can’t eat here!’, he said with a chuckle.

Missy Smith’s parents say the unsure if they plan on bringing a lawsuit against Mr. Jackson, but urge patrons to avoid eating at the restaurant and to call Mr. Jackson to express how bigoted he is being.

If you would like to call “The Sunshine Grill” to express your feelings on the issue, their phone number is  (785)132-6707.

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