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Tuesday, May 5

Bill Cosby Costume unpopular at Women's Rights Mixer

A mixer that included a women's rights group as well as several other activist organization turns sour when a Bill Cosby costume enters the mix.

The Women's Rights Conference, an annual summit where influential women give talks on current issues affecting women's rights was recently held in Berkeley, California.  Topics included reproductive rights, equal pay and workplace gender stereotyping.

The evening included a mixer where other activist groups were invited for networking purposes.  A union activist, claiming he was fighting for the dismantling of racial stereotyping wore a Bill Cosby costume which included a "Drinks on me Ladies" shirt.  When asked to leave the man cited "racism."

"This is to harmless," explained Wayne Peterson. "I've been wearing TV/movie costumes since the 90's, what's the big deal?"  No one from the Women's Rights Conference responded to our questions.

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