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Tuesday, August 11

Black Lives Matter interrupts Triple Bypass Surgery

Hot off of the heels of their dramatic interruption of Bernie Sanders' convention, Black Lives Matters has proceeded to interrupt more timely events.  Most recently this has included a triple bypass surgery in a Berkeley, CA hospital.

Representatives from Black Live Matter broke into the surgery room and placed themselves in between the surgeon and dying patient.  One member proceeded to tape the event on her phone, stating:

"The medical industry is racist and we want everyone to know.  Now, let's have a moment of silence for Michael Brown."

The surgeon, Brian Finch (born and raised in Berkeley), did not want to appear racist and hence acquiesced to the request.  However once the moment of silence was over, the Black Lives Matter members proceeded to further delay the procedure.  Moments later, the dying patient flat-lined.

We asked the BLM members if they were perhaps doing more harm than good, and asked if they felt any guilt in their hand in the patient's death. Rather than giving a concrete answer or displaying any sense of remorse for (or cognizance of) the patient who passed away as a result, they responded by accusing us of racism.