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Friday, August 14

Ronda Rousey leaving MMA for Professional Wrestling

Ronda Rousey recently announced she'd be leaving the UFC and her entire mixed martial arts career behind to sign on with the NWA wrestling federation.  Citing growing frustration of training for month on end in sparring sessions that last hours for fights that last a few seconds, Ronda has decided to hang up her gloves.

In an interview with OHD, Rousey explained:

"I was watching old matches of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and I decided it's time to revive the show.  I think my Judo and overly dramatic demeanor in general will translate well!"

When asked who her first opponents would be, she gave no definitive answers but suggested people like Bruce Jenner, Rosie O'Donnell and "those annoying-as-shit Real Housewives women"

Rousey claims to still enjoy MMA but no longer wants to train for prolonged periods just to fight for a few seconds.  "If I want to invest copious amounts of time into something only to be disappointed in the end, I'll just get married."

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