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Tuesday, May 9

Alex Jones claims ex-wife is part of NWO conspiracy

Famed radio talk show host, internet sensation, famous conspiracy theorist and owner of Info Wars, Alex Jones has been going through a custody battle over his children, which he recently lost.  His ex-wife has claimed that Jones is unstable.  Jones' attorney defended by claiming he is a performance artist.

In response, Jones has since taken to the airwaves and internet stream to make the argument this only proves that his ex-wife is also part of the NWO conspiracy.   Jones was quoted as saying:

"Look folks, this only proves that my ex-wife is working with the globalists to undermine America.  The globalists want to poison American children with thoughts of atheist homosexuality.  I can only surmise that my wife turned into a globalist because Obama put chemicals in her drinking water."

 We asked Jones for evidence in regards to these claims and he simply referred to Outhouse Daily as Fake News, and not being a respectable media outlet like Info Wars.

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