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Thursday, June 1

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Trump's Ability to Cover Up Crimes

Washington DC: For the first time since the election Hillary Clinton met with reporters to speak about a wide range of issues including affordable healthcare and woman's rights. Clinton also offered sharp criticism of her treatment during the election, citing Trump's mudslinging and disinformation campaign aimed at her. She went on to say that she feels Trump's inexperience has damaged American's faith in the democratic process.

When asked what she perceives as the Trump's shortcomings, Clinton was quick to point out that his team seems inept at what she feels are the core functions of public service.

"He should at least have the decency to cover up his crimes like the rest of us. Christ, if we were all as bad at covering up our crimes as the Donald, there'd be no one left in Washington. He's just lucky no one seems to care anymore."

When asked what she feels Donald Trump could do differently, she says that the President should consider alternative tactics to mitigate problems.

"It's not that hard. A little under the table cash here, a fishy real estate deal there and voila. No one ever really talks about it anymore. Come on Donald. Someone as morally bankrupt as you should be better at this."

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