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Friday, June 2

Sean Spicer: 'Just Because People are Breathing in Thick Black Smog Doesn't Mean it Actually Exists'

Washington DC- Sean Spicer met with reporters for the first time since President Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. Spicer offered few details when pressed with questions on Trump's views on global warming, but says Trump's decision sent a clear message that the United States is no longer in a position to be taken advantage of on the world stage.

"The President doesn't want to ruin the world," said Spicer. "He just wants to fuck it up a bit to show these pussies he means business. And it's working. Have you ever seen all the world leaders freaking out at once like this? Hell no. It was like someone just dropped a turd in their fruit salad."

He went on to say that just because concerns about the environment may seem dire, he feels that the real issue is the public's lack of information and understanding.

"Science is, you know, whatever. As far as global warming is concerned you can all relax. This whole conversation isn't going to matter before too much longer anyway. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but the President over his options to decide where he's going to drop a few nuclear missiles. It's not a personal thing. He just thinks it will help him blow off some steam. It's only going to be some third world country no one has ever heard of or Los Angeles. Either way the world is going to probably look like a flaming ball of shit when he's done with it."

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