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Sunday, September 24

Climatologist becomes Climate Change Denier after hearing Political Arguments

The topic of climate change/global warming has become a heated (pun totally intended) topic over the last few years.  Despite the fact that several studies show that climatologist consensus that global warming is real and than human activity is partially responsible ranges from 80%-100%, politically-motivated pundits (38% of whom have taken a science class at their local community college) have stepped up to truly educate the masses on climatology.

Climatologist Mark Griffen recounts his conversion to climate change denier.
"It was politicians and pundits who ultimately changed my mind.  They made a great case with arguments and questions like: 
It then occurred to me that in decades of painstaking and careful observations, not a single climatologist ever thought of these questions.  I was truly stumped and have decided to change my field of study."
Mr. Griffen has since enrolled in political science classes to, as he states "get a better grasp of climate data."

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