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Thursday, November 2

Trump Names Outhouse Daily His #1 Source for Fake News

Mar-a-Lago: President Trump gave a rare endorsement today at a press conference from Mar-a-Lago. After again lashing out the the main stream media, Trump was quick to point out that not all news organizations were created equal.

"I know it's all complete bullshit but I love it. It's like CNN but they give the Democrats the same shitty coverage they give to me. It's almost like they don't like anyone. Take this article for example. I probably didn't say any of this shit but someone will probably re-tweet it like the gospel. Sources are for pussies."

He went on to say that lack of sources or accuracy doesn't necessarily mean bad reporting. 

"The best part is that I can say whatever horrible I want and no one will have any idea if it's true or not. It's a win/win for everyone. See watch, I'm better than Obama. He honestly couldn't hold up one of my nuts, much less my entire scrotum. I probably didn't say that, but either way it's true. Someone put that in one of those funny memes and run with it. Hillary Clinton is a man."

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